Confirmed Plenary Speakers:

Professor Alan Champneys
University of Bristol

Professor William Parnell
University of Manchester

Professor Catherine Sulem FRSC
University of Toronto
Stewartson Memorial Lecture

Professor Helen Wilson
University College London
IMA Lighthill Lecture

Professor Julia Yeomans FRS
University of Oxford


Advances and challenges in the modelling of multiscale, complex, and heterogeneous materials
Dr Ariel Ramírez Torres and Dr Raimondo Penta

Applied Algebra and Geometry
Dr Emilie Dufresne, Dr Dimitra Kosta and Dr Nelly Villamizar

At the interface between analytical methods and high performance computing in fluid mechanics
Radu Cimpeanu and Matthew Moore

Decision making under uncertainty
Eric Hall

Deep Learning and Inverse Problems
Margaret Duff and Matthias J. Ehrhardt

Dispersive hydrodynamics and applications
Daniel Ratliff and Thibault Congy

Ethics in Mathematics
Dr Timothy Johnson

Inflammation and the Immune Response
Martin R. Nelson and Joanne L. Dunster

Mathematical Modelling in the Social Sciences
Ben Goddard and Greg Pavliotis

Mathematical modelling of biological oscillations
Anne Skeldon and Kyle Wedgwood

Mathematical models of plant-soil interactions
Matthias Mimault, Mariya Ptashnyk and Lionel Dupuy

Mathematics in microbiology
Sara Jabbari and John Ward

Mathematics in single-cell biology
Aden Forrow and Bianca Dumitrascu

Mathematics of the eye
Dr Jennifer Tweedy

Modelling the respiratory transmission of Covid-19
Avshalom Offner

Nonlinear Surface and Internal Waves
Dr Emiliano Renzi and Dr Alberto Alberello

Nonlinear Waves and Jets
Dr Emiliano Renzi

Nonreversible processes: analysis and computations
Hong Duong and Nikolas Nüsken

Reservoir Computing and Dynamical Systems
Jonathan Dawes and Andrea Ceni

Smectic Fluids: Reduced Dimensionality/Increased Complexity
Tyler Shendruk and Marco Mazza

Wave Problems in Complex Continua
Martin Richter

Further programme information to follow