Abstracts and minisymposia

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Contributed talks and posters:

In addition to minisymposia, talks and posters will be given from any field of Applied Mathematics in its broad sense.


1 Measuring BipartivityAzhar Aleidan
2 Simulation of crystallisation dynamics of growth dominated phase-change material using the Master rate equationMesfer Sharaf Almalki
3 Nonlinear waves in Mass-in-Mass FPUT chainsReem Almarashi
4 The Impact of Episodic Plastic Pollution on Predator-Prey InteractionsTheyab Alrashdi
5 Adaptive control of wave speed in integral projection models of invasive pestsYasser M. Alrashedi
6 Velocity fields in a two-layer fluid with an interfacial solitary waveLiam Baddeley
7 Modelling the labour market: Can we predict occupation transitions?Anna Berryman
8 Spontaneous emergence of oscillatory behaviour in plastic dynamical systemsJonathan Brooks
9 Dynamics of swelling and shrinking thermo-responsive hydrogelsMatthew Butler
10 Riemann problem for a dense soliton gas for the KdV equation: a numerical studyHenry Carr
11 Dynamics in a magnetic pendulum model: dipole-dipole interactions and chaos on a sphereJ. M. Christian
12 Minimum information variability via model predictive controlAdrian Josue Guel Cortez
13 Estimating critical power in cycling from routinely collected training dataJonah Drake
14 Optimisation of an elastic filament for propulsion in viscous fluidMariia Dvoriashyna
15 Asymptotic model for rollingMozhdeh Erfanian
16 Exploring Artificial Neural Networks as Dynamical SystemsAdam Essex
17 The combinatorial structure of determinantal systems for Groebner basis computation: Critical values and beyondAndrew Ferguson
18 A stochastic model of the L-H transition in fusion plasmaPatrick Fuller
19 Magnetic helicity and field linkage in spherical dynamosParag Gupta
20 Dynamical minimum action paths and non-equilibrium transitionsAmanda Bailey Hass
21 Continuum scale modelling of blood flow in sickle cell diseaseAnushka Herale
22 A higher order virtual element method for the Cahn-Hilliard equationAlice Hodson
23 First passage time densities from stochastic path integralsTom Honour
24 Nonlinear acoustics in a general 3D ductFreddie Jensen
25 Are there purely topological explanations of the number of equilibria of pendulum systems?Aditya Jha
26 Ice particle skimming in the aircraft icing contextEllen M Jolley
27 Crime and neighbourhoods, or how the community’s actions affect crime ratesLaura Jones
28 Optimising antibiotic release from medical implants to counteract biofilm formationParna Mandal
29 Stability, Collapse and Hyper-chaos in a Tri-Trophic Predator Prey model with Mutation and PredationAnna McAllister
30 Non-spherical form factors in CrystallographyLaura Midgley
31 The implementation of resolved interfaces in a bubble-scale model for gas diffusion in wet foamsJacob Morgan
32 Newtonian and non-Newtonian Slippery Liquid Infused Porous Surfaces using the lattice-Boltzmann algorithmSirio Orozco-Fuentes
33 GParareal: A time-parallel ODE solver using Gaussian process emulationKamran Pentland
34 Mathematical modelling of protein aggregation in sickle cell diseaseClaudia De Sousa Miranda Perez
35 Numerical spectral synthesis of soliton and breather gasGiacomo Roberti
36 Rare events in turbulent fluid flowsNayef Shkeir
37 The Role of the Double-Layer Potential in Regularised Stokeslet Models of Self-PropulsionDavid Smith
38 Fourier extensions for solving BVPs in one and two dimensionsGhadeer Surrati
39 Information Geometry from Stochastic SimulationsAbhiram Anand Thiruthummal
40 A Lagrangian perspective on integrabilityMats Vermeeren
41 Impact of helicity on solute exchange in the umbilical cordTianran Wan
42 Computational Blood Flow Modelling in Health and DiseaseLeszek Wierzchleyski
43 Mathematical modelling of anti-adhesion therapies to tackle bacterial infectionsCameron Wilcox
44 Identification of individual traits in collective behaviour of animal groupsFanqi Zeng

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